A little indulgence

I try not to to this here (often), but today, I wanted to indulge.

These are, quite simply, my favourite people. My Tony one, my little mister and my mini mouse. They’re amazing, and they’re what it’s all about.

favourite peopleThe endless sleepless nights, the constant cycle of feeds and nappies, the constant negotiations that go on with a toddler – it’s all worth it because we are four. We are a little family growing up together. We are a little foursome getting to know each other. We are each other’s favourites, each other’s everythings, each other’s safety nets and each other’s light and brightness when life is hard. We laugh together, we love each other to the ends of the earth, we make it all better for each other. We are a little family finding our way. We can’t remember what it was like before. Because now we are us, and we are four.



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