Stokke My Carrier Cool Review

I am a huge fan of baby carriers and with two very young children only 18 months apart in age, having a good carrier is really important to me. When I was given the opportunity to review this Stokke baby carrier I was really excited. It looked like the perfect fit for our  active lifestyle. Its breathable fabric looked perfect for keeping me and Jasmin cool on our long walks, and I loved that it was designed to be used from birth up until your toddler weighs 15kg. On first glance, the carrier looks like all new carriers – a little bit complicated. But it is incredibly easy to figure out how to wear it.

How do you put the Stokke baby carrier on?

The Stokke baby carrier is very simple to adjust to the perfect position and I found getting Jasmin into it the first time equally straightforward. You slip both arms into the carrier first like you would put on a cardigan. With the back panel in place, you then close the strap around your hip. You fasten one side, lift baby to your tummy and into place, and then fasten the other side by bringing the fabric around baby’s back.

All of the fastenings are easy to open and close, but also very secure and sturdy. Getting it on really is easy. I know how important this is because the soft structured carrier I have been using is proving difficult to get on by myself now that Jasmin is bigger. No such problem with the Stokke. Within minutes, we were ready to go for our first outing.


How comfortable is the Stokke baby carrier?

Jasmin of course loved the carrier. She loves being walked around in a front pack – it’s snuggly and she is close to mummy. Milin loves me using it too as it means I have my hands free for him. We tested the pack on a long walk through the fields looking for muddy puddles to jump into. It was a warmer day than we have had for a while but the fabric did as it was meant to and kept me and Jasmin cool.

I was incredibly impressed with the comfort of the carrier. The weight was evenly distributed across my hips, back and shoulders, and I almost felt like I wasn’t even carrying Jasmin. She fell asleep on our walk – a sure sign she was very comfortable. Getting her out of the carrier was also simple, and again, something I did quickly and easily by myself.


Using the Stokke as a forward-facing baby carrier

I have been wearing Jasmin in the parent-facing position purely because I like her being this way round. However, from about four months, or when baby can hold their head up, you can turn them around to be forward facing. I’m going to start using the carrier this way and I think Jasmin will love being able to look around in front of her on our walks. I’ll let you know how this goes once we’ve given it a few tries.

Once baby is able to sit unaided and is more than 72cm long, you can use the Stokke My Carrier Cool as a back carrier. I can’t wait to do this as I think Jasmin will love it – although we have a little wait ahead of us yet. Again – I will let you know how this goes! Tony is also really looking forward to carrying Jasmin in this way.

So far, I have been so impressed with the MyCarrier Cool. It is so easy to get on and comfortable to wear – to the point where carrying baby is a dream. Jasmin loves it too – which is the true test. The reason why the carrier is so comfy for us both is because it is designed to maintain optimal ergonomic positioning for both the wearer and baby. It clearly does this – and it means we can go on long walks without my worrying about getting tired while carrying Jasmin. It also means I know she will be super comfy the whole way.

We recently left London for a little break away to Cornwall for a few days and we didn’t take our buggy. We had lots of long seaside and countryside walks and Jasmin spent lots of time in the carrier. It was such a wonderful way to spend our holiday – I felt so close to her, and we were both so comfortable. I’ll let you know how we get on with the different carrying positions as Jasmin grows!

Stokke baby carrier key features

  • Fully adjustable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Inward facing and outward facing
  • Can be used as a back carrier
  • Deemed a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute


*I was sent the Stokke MyCarrier Cool for the purpose of this review. All images and opinions are my own.

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