Ready, set, ride


If you look closely, you’ll see that Milin’s feet are on the pedals. Both feet, that is. Both pedals.

We took his beautiful Radio Flyer out of its winter hibernation spot in the shed last week. When the weather got all wintery on us at the end of last year, Milin still couldn’t reach the pedals so the trike was put away while we waited for him to grow. Milin’s daddy had bought it when our little boy was just 18 months old. We knew he was too little for it then, but we wanted to get him something special when Jasmin was born.

And then, just this week, he climbed onto the seat and put his feet on the pedals. He must have grown a fair bit over the winter and spring, because he could suddenly reach far enough to keep both feet on both pedals while pushing them round. And he somehow knew exactly how to do it.

His daddy held on to the handle at the back of the trike while Milin experimented with it on the deck. I don’t think he’s quite ready for the pavement or the park just yet, but he’s close. He’s got the hang of steering – which he needs to be able to do as we have no control via the handle – and he’s just got the pedalling action too.

Watching Milin learn that he needs to keep both feet on the pedals, and that he must push down with one leg while he pulls back with the other, made me think about learning to ride a bike. I can still remember the first time I made it through the park without stabilisers. Mum was at one end of the path, dad was at the other – and with my breath held, I made it. I can still feel the sense of achievement, the awe, and the wonder at what I’d done. It was a big deal to me then. It meant I was somehow ‘big’ and not just a very little girl anymore I thought.

While Milin learnt to keep his feet on the pedals this week, I had a vision of him some years from now, on a bike in the park, learning to ride without stabilisers. I saw him in my mind, so proud of himself for getting the hang of it – just as he was so proud of figuring out the trike. In my little daydream, I saw Jasmin out there too. She was on a smaller bike, not yet ready to take off her training wheels, and I saw me and Tony, encouraging them both as they wobbled a bit along the path.

It’s funny, because I don’t wish away a second of the here and now – but seeing Milin on his trike suddenly made me excited about all that is ahead of our little family. We have a lifetime before us of doing things like learning to ride bikes. Our children will grow, and we will take them on our first family bike ride. We will take them to their first Saturday morning football practice. We will take them to the park to fly kites for the first time. We have so much ahead of us that is new, that will be exciting, that will be the stuff of memories.

My little boy, with his two feet on two pedals, also this week reminded me to appreciate the small things as well as the big. One day, he’ll ride a bike for the first time, but before that, he’ll learn to steer, to pedal, to be confident and brave. We have so much as a family to look forward to, and I’m determined to appreciate it all. Milin will one day be too big for his Radio Flyer and he’ll whizz past me on a bike without stabilisers. I want to hold in my mind every step of the journey that gets him there.

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  1. Emma @ P is for Preschooler
    April 21, 2014 at 1:08 am (4 years ago)

    That’s one of my favorite things about parenting – sharing in their pride when they accomplish something! (By the way, we had that same trike!)

  2. Parent Link Thailand
    April 21, 2014 at 3:01 am (4 years ago)

    It fills me with so much happiness when I think about the future with our little family and this is such a great reminder of all the little things we have to look forward to!

  3. mummytries
    April 21, 2014 at 6:59 am (4 years ago)

    Such a sweet photo, and lovely post. It’s nice to.sit and reflect on the little things sometimes. Well done Milin, both feet on the pedals of the first bike is a great achievement. My middle girl is 2 & 2m and isn’t quite there yet 😉

  4. Notmyyearoff
    April 21, 2014 at 7:18 am (4 years ago)

    This is so cute. I love this bike and was going to get it for z for his birthday a couple of years back but then we ended up getting a different one from his aunt. Feet reaching pedals is such a small thing but such a huge milestone. I hope he has lots of happy adventures on it!

  5. thereadingresidence
    April 21, 2014 at 8:04 am (4 years ago)

    Clever Milin, lovely photo. It is wonderful to see these developments, and you do want to hold onto it, whilst thinking about all that they will bring. Totally understand, savour every moment x

  6. Charly Dove
    April 21, 2014 at 9:34 am (4 years ago)

    Oh wow what a fabulous post. It must have been amazing to get the bike out and for Milin to then put both his feet on the pedals. Almost looks like he could take off now. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  7. Iona@ Redpeffer
    April 21, 2014 at 9:47 am (4 years ago)

    Oh yes, I remember when my daughter learnt to ride last August. She hasn’t looked back and is frequently whizzing past me as we go to school each day. Funnily enough though she never peddled anything before she rode her bike. She had a trike but wouldn’t peddle! Her brother is exactly the same…Do enjoy those moments because in a flash they are steering away just that little bit more xx

  8. brinabird and son
    April 21, 2014 at 6:14 pm (4 years ago)

    A beautiful picture with a great story. It’s amazing how these little moments fill us with such joy and expectation!

  9. Sara (@mumturnedmom)
    April 21, 2014 at 6:25 pm (4 years ago)

    Lovely picture x I know exactly what you mean about not wishing away the moments but looking forward to the next thing. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them move to the next stage; learning, growing, getting excited! It’s a magical journey x #WhatstheStory

  10. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)
    April 21, 2014 at 7:42 pm (4 years ago)

    My son is started biking just months ago with stabilizers. He is fast and husband & I would give enough space to go ahead of us. To feel the wind on his face. To feel that he is independent. We have his back of course. And we are watching him grow before our eyes. Husband & I would held hands while we watch him. We need each others support to take all this amazing things thats happening in front of us> our son learning and growing and leading the way. I hope I make sense. #Whatsthestory

  11. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault
    April 22, 2014 at 8:48 am (4 years ago)

    Well done Milin – lots of people swear by balance bikes to get kids cycling properly – they certainly helped Tom who was a slow starter!

  12. over40andamumtoone
    April 22, 2014 at 7:56 pm (4 years ago)

    Well done, we’re still trying to help Monkey get to grips with peddling on a bike so Milin is doing brilliantly.

  13. Ann WJ White
    June 24, 2016 at 6:42 am (1 year ago)

    You and your husband are making wonderful memories. My baby girl is now 31, her brother is almost 35. Remember, the love, support, and hugs you give today will stay in all your hearts forever.


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