Favourite Posts

Picking some of my favourite reads isn’t easy. I love writing Mummy Says, and that goes for every post on every subject. If you’re new to reading though, here are some of the posts I’ve loved more than others, and some of the one that readers have really connected with. Enjoy! x

You’re Going to be Fine

you're going to be fine

This is Motherhood

The woman in the mirror

I’m Going to Say Yes

On the swings

Tigers, dolphins and other types of mothers 


The last breastfeed

The end of breastfeeding

To the man in the carpark


Homebirths are for the brave (and other myths)


A mother’s apology


How tough is motherhood

photo (31)

A good mother


Breastfeeding in public toilets


The Silence Isn’t Working



I’m a rubbish friend

The woman in the mirror

Remember me?

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